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Fabrizio Caponi Chef Patron Ciocio Suvereto

I'CiocioOur Story

It all began in 1983, when Fabrizio got his high school diploma at Istituto Professionale Aurelio Saffi (Florence) and was ready to enter the world of work. His first working experience was as a chef on Capraia Island, then in Punta Ala; as Fabrizio was professionally growing in many 5 star hotels in various parts of Italy, so was his need for knowledge and relationship with the territory.

After the military service, he goes back to his native area, Valdarno, and opens his own restaurant, where he works until 2000 with Deanna.

2001 is the year we arrive to Suvereto, Deanna’s native town, where we take over a restaurant outside the walls of Suvereto, almost in the countryside.

Here Osteria ‘I Ciocio was born: Fabrizio starts introducing innovation in his choices and collaborating with young professionals who are eager to learn and gain experience.
Considering the great value of the surrounding territory, he begins a dialogue with the local farmhouses in order to introduce in his kitchen those high quality raw material; by doing so, he is able to respect both seasonality and tradition and, at the same time, give value to the country where he now feels he belongs.
There is space for quick genuine snack, a wide choice of wines and of course a garden, a pleasant space where you can discover the Tuscan specialities.

In 2011 a wide building in the heart of the historical centre becomes available. It used to be an olive oil mill and it is ready to become a restaurant: this is the moment, for Osteria I’ Ciocio, to step into the ancient walls of Suvereto and go ahead with its adventure.